неделя, юли 06, 2008

A short list of my activities for the last 4 days

1. Got into an airplane delay for the first time - gosh - in Wien@^\||[#~{{|\@@]]}
2. Found it extremely diffucult to find the sign @ on the keyboard on this computer....
3. Saw Bruxelles for the second time - feels like at old buddy`s.
4. Played gaida for the first time - extremely exhausting business, folks...video on it`s way.
5. Velo in Brussels - soooooooooooooo safe.
6. Radiohead - live for the first time [as wel as Sigur ros, Kings of Leon, the Hives, Editors and Ben Harper] - more for this event later.

7. Missing the cyrillic alphabet soooooo much.
8. Reading the The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle comme une folle.
9. Found myself in this exhibition. WOW
10. Tried to feel lonely - not so successfully - among thousands of people.

hmmmm, well enough for now...

6 коментара:

junkpaper каза...

tired of not having you around.

denitsa каза...

the gayda player...i'm quite curious about the video...:))))))))

junkpaper каза...

chudq se kakvo drugo naludnichavo umenie shte pridobiesh :) a, btw po sistemata na couchsurfing namerih nqkolko mnogo interesni horica v Istanbul u koito mojem da ostanem, vmesto da gubim vreme i pari po hosteli. super mi e lubopitno da se sreshtna s tamoshnite puteshestvenici :) a... pisah na nqkoi ot tqh. nadqvam se s deni ste naviti za ideqta, ako ne, ostava hostel varianta :)

denitsa каза...

аз съм за...;)

Minerva каза...

Stava - utre shte go obsudim, ako imash 1/2 chas za beer predi rabota:)

junkpaper каза...

ето и профила на нашия домакин :)